Steam coal is suitable for use in boilers generating steam. Mostly bituminous coal, it is used by electric and heating utilities but also industries such as cement producers and chemical industries. CBB can provide steam coals from all leading supply sources: South Africa, Australia, Colombia and Venezuela, USA and Indonesia. CBB can also assist in coal selection for specific boilers : spreader stoker boilers, fluidized bed boilers and pulverized coal combustion systems


A hard, black lustrous coal containing a high percentage of fixed carbon and a low percentage of volatile matter, anthracite is the highest rank of coal. Anthracite is used by ferroalloys companies and industrials as well as for power generation and sintering in the steel industry. CBB can supply anthracite in all forms (fines and lumps) mainly from South Africa but also from USA and other small producing countries.


Coal suitable for carbonization to make coke for steel manufacture. Used primarily by integrated steel companies and merchant coke producers, these high grade coals are sourced in North America, Australia, Poland and China. CBB can provide hard coking coals (Low Volatile, Mid Volatile, High Volatile Coals) as well as soft coking coals and injection coals (PCI) used to replace metcoke in the blast furnaces to lower the cost.


CBB can supply coke for a variety of applications. Coke is sourced from all continents with a special focus on China.

  • Blast Furnace coke
  • Specialty cokes sized for use in smelters and in the production of ferro-alloys
  • Foundry coke
  • Coke breeze


Petroleum coke is a solid residual product of certain oil refining processes. Containing 90% carbon and less than 0.5% ash, as produced, petroleum coke is one of the purest forms of commercially available carbon. Because of its favorable Calorific value/price ratio petcoke is used increasingly by the cement industry and power utilities but applications exist also as a carbon additive for the metallurgical industry. CBB can supply raw as well as calcined petroleum coke from the United States and China.


Produced during the process of carbonizing coal in coke ovens, coal tar is used by distillation plants to produce various by-products, including pitch used by the aluminum industry. CBB can supply coal tar from various world sources and also assists coal tar producers to market their product.